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The vision of the Dubuque Soccer Alliance (DSA) is to provide equitable, community oriented soccer programs to Dubuque and surrounding communities. With the support of volunteers, donations, and the commitment of user groups, the DSA aims to provide opportunities for all ages to engage in their love for soccer and pass it on to future generations. Through the development of the Dubuque Soccer Complex facilities, the DSA’s continued efforts are aimed toward increasing our capacity to promote soccer. The DSA plans to develop year round, turf, and lighted facilities to draw users to our programs to increase the spread, passion, and positive influence of the Dubuque soccer community.

MEET OUR TEAM - Executive Board

Jon Denham

Jon has been involved in the organization for five years. Jon has been involved with soccer in Dubuque for 20 years - including coaching and volunteering with Key City Soccer Association, AYSO, DSC, and Union Dubuque. Jon believes in soccer, and the complex, saying “this sport, and the spaces we play it, are a source of community gathering and memory making. It brings together players of all ages, races, and genders to play competitively and recreationally.”

Adam Eikamp

 Adam’s children have played soccer with both AYSO and the DSC. Of the complex and his experiences there, Adam says “I've seen the growth of my kids and their teammates not just in athletic ability, but growth as young leaders. My kids have also been referees for games.  The responsibility they take on while refereeing is impressive.” He is hopeful for the continued opportunities the complex has to offer.

Paul Hayes

Paul has been involved with soccer in Dubuque for over 30 years, being part of AYSO, DSC, and the Dubuque Soccer Alliance. Preserving and growing soccer’s presence in Dubuque is special to Paul, as all three of his children played at the soccer complex. He has enjoyed watching the character of his kids be built in part by their experiences at the soccer complex.

Emilie Richardson, Christine Efferding, Bill Jantsch, Carrie Lohrmann, Craig Miller, Mike Peat, Dan Rothert, Tim Shade, Chad Thomas, Renae Hortsman
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