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Additional Dubuque Soccer Alliance Q&A

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We'll be using this space as an ongoing dialogue to answer questions posed at THIS LINK regarding the Dubuque Soccer Alliance. This link will be updated as answers are confirmed for the public as official. CONTACT INFORMATION for the Alliance is listed at the bottom of our web page.

(1) A question about our elections and procedures was asked via our online form regarding Dubuque Soccer Alliance board elections and procedures. Keep the questions coming!

DSA Elections are held at our annual meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of November, this year that is November 8 which is U.S. election day. Therefore, this year's event will be held Thursday, November 17.

The Current Board consists of:

3 AYSO REGION 419 representatives

3 Dubuque Soccer Club Representatives

1 Key City Soccer Representative

1 Dubuque Steamers Soccer Club

1 City of Dubuque Member Leisure Services member

1 Dubuque Community School District member

8 At Large Members

According to our current bylaws, nominations to fill any open positions voted on at our upcoming meeting need to be received by the board by October 18.

(2) Is CourtONE a Catholic or Christian based organization?

Below is the response provided by CourtONE:

"Court One was excited to put the Cross in our logo as we are a privately held company where the members (Dyer family and Brown family) are of the Christian faith. The Cross is not to represent any specific denomination but all who would be Christian. Now, to better answer your question, all are welcome at Court One. The Cross does represent the ownerships personal beliefs. However, Court One is an athletic sports organization."

Their mission statement in Arizona states:

Court One is committed to providing an "athlete first" venue that is safe, accessible, and affordable. The facility was built to foster the development of life skills through sport. In addition, Court One is dedicated to developing a community of users and operates on the fundamentals of faith, integrity, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. Court One has national and even global expectations of its staff, tenants, and athletes in striving to be leaders on the court and in life.

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