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Important Dubuque Soccer Alliance Questions - ANSWERED!

Why did you decide to put in a bid for the land?

The Dubuque Soccer Alliance wants to OWN and OPERATE the complex we’ve called home for nearly 30 years. We asked local businesses for their support to turn rolling farmland into a soccer complex. We’ve invested time, energy, and significant financial resources into the maintenance of the space. This is a unique opportunity to move from tenant to owner – and it is our first opportunity, ever, to do so. We’re remaining good stewards of the investment those local businesses made, and the time and energy our volunteers provided, by submitting a bid. With that potential ownership comes the opportunity to improve and enhance the space in ways that were not reasonable without owning the complex.

Who is on the Dubuque Soccer Alliance board of directors?

The board is made up of over a dozen representatives from our user groups, as well as lifelong soccer volunteers who work to ensure that the sport in Dubuque exists - and thrives. This board includes representatives from the Dubuque Soccer Club, Dubuque AYSO Region 419, Key City Soccer Association, Dubuque Steamers, and at-large members who have helped build the sport into what it is locally today. Throughout the existence of our organization, we have always included representatives from the City of Dubuque Parks and Recreation and the Dubuque Community School District. These two spots on the board, specifically, were meant to encourage open dialogue and offer insight into how we can best support each other – whether that be scheduling, programming, or otherwise. The owner of the property being on our board ensures their needs are being met. This spot is never filled by a school board member, but rather someone in tune with the district’s facility needs. This relationship has served all of us well for over two decades and has allowed us to keep an open line of communication throughout the calendar year.

Have those two representatives been in the room as you’ve planned for your bid?

The Dubuque Community School District representative has NOT been a part of our special sessions to formulate our plans to purchase the land and navigate our course forward. The City of Dubuque representative has attended one session in order to learn more about some of our progress this spring and summer. This was intentionally done to prevent any potential conflict of interest, and, to ensure that all parties could move forward as partners in the future.

Did you ask the city for financial support of your bid for the purchase of the land?

Our bid for the land is already fully financed and spoken for. We did request the city consider supporting our efforts financially as we seek to improve and enhance the space - NOT in order to purchase the land. Our bid is in and is independent of any financial backing of the City of Dubuque.

As the city noted at the council meeting on August 15, requests to the city for financial support go through a rigorous process, and we want to be on their radar in the event that they see value in directly partnering with us in some way, whether that’s in 2022 or sometime in the future. This request is not out of line with other non-profits or community-based organizations seeking to improve the quality of life in Dubuque. Even if their support is not financial, it is valuable to know that our local elected officials see the work we do and share the same appreciation for what the space offers the community.

If you win the bid, will the cross country races still be held at the Dubuque Soccer Complex?

Yes, it is absolutely our intention to remain the home course for the Dubuque area cross country teams. The space suits them well, and their wildly successful programs deserve every chance to remain there with us. Our new GPS-based line painting system will reduce the time any coaches or race organizers spend marking the course.

Don’t you think Dubuque would benefit from an indoor athletics space?

Yes, of course. The addition of more indoor space, including indoor soccer space, would be an asset to the community. There are many locations that can support a new indoor sports facility, including numerous brownfields within the city limits that could benefit from state and federal grants. These locations may even be more convenient to local and regional users. Maintaining the footprint and field layout is most important to us, which is why we felt it best to submit a strong bid to be the owners, and for the space to remain ours. As we consider our own potential upgrades, we’re doing so with the city of Dubuque in mind, evaluating how we can best support the needs of the community. We are aware of the important role we’d have as owners of a space that does, and can, offer so much to the community.

Why is it important that you have all the space out there?

This space is vital to our programs for multiple reasons. All of our organizations continue to grow. Additionally, identifying land that is flat and ready to support multiple fields is a challenge within Dubuque (and the surrounding areas). It benefits families who have multiple players at multiple age levels to be able to plan for games and practices at one space, rather than commute to multiple facilities. At the end of the day, losing even one field significantly hinders our ability to offer our programming at the current enrollment levels, and limits our member organizations opportunity to grow their enrollment and share our sport with Dubuquers and neighbors- ranging from 5 to 65 years old.

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