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Press Release: August 4, 2022 - Dubuque Soccer Alliance


AUGUST 4, 2022

The Dubuque Soccer Alliance (DSA) is thrilled to share an update on the plan our group has developed in recent months regarding the Dubuque Soccer Complex’s role in the community and upcoming sale by the Dubuque Community School District. These plans have been formulated with input from over a dozen volunteer board members representing all existing user groups of the Dubuque Soccer Alliance – including the Dubuque Soccer Club, Dubuque AYSO Region 419, Key City Soccer Association, Dubuque Steamers, and at-large board members who have been a part of the DSA for the entire existence of our non-profit organization.

The Dubuque Soccer Alliance has secured full financing and prepared a sealed bid for the purchase of the land as outlined by the Dubuque Community School District and their board. We will be submitting that bid in plenty of time to meet the deadline. This bid is consistent with the Letter of Intent to Purchase we originally shared with the school district prior to the most recent parameters regarding the bid process.

If successful, this acquisition of the land is the first step in what we expect to be a multi-step process to improve and enhance the space the soccer community has called home for nearly 30 years. As owners of the land we would invest in the space over time in order to offer an enhanced playing surface, longer hours of operation, increase access to the space, and invite more guests to share in everything the city of Dubuque has to offer. Since the opening of the facility the Alliance, their volunteers, and donors to previous capital campaigns have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to provide the space so many families enjoy today.

As the Dubuque Soccer Alliance, our role is to serve the soccer community in our area to the best of our ability, and do what is in their best interest at all times. In the last few weeks, we’ve received hundreds of letters of support into our member organizations reflecting sentiments of unwavering support for the current Dubuque Soccer Complex to remain a soccer facility. That includes letters from the families of our current 1,500 soccer players of all ages in Dubuque, as well as alumni of our programs who learned the sport of soccer and the accompanying life skills that go along with participation in youth sports over the last 30 years.

“The Dubuque Soccer Alliance has a great history of stewardship and maintenance of the Complex,” said Jeff Ransom, the Dubuque Soccer Alliance’s President. “Soccer organizations throughout the area enjoy playing here, and together, we’ve put together a plan that we believe benefits everyone who has historically had access to the space, including but not limited to, the students of the Dubuque Community School District.”

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